Emerging Leaders of DeKalb: Now Accepting Applications


As Leadership DeKalb embraces its 30th year, the organization is ready to explore a new pipeline of talented leaders and to develop the next generation of emerging leaders in DeKalb County. Leadership DeKalb is now accepting applications for the inaugural class of Emerging Leaders of  DeKalb.

The ELD program will expose young leaders to issues facing the county, but it will also develop their leadership skills. Applications are now closed.


Class of 2017 Program Days

Orientation                                                               January 13, 2016

Opening Retreat*                                                      February (TBA), 2017

Intergity and Ethics Day                                          February 24, 2017

Diversity & Inclusion Day                                        March 24, 2017

Community  Day                                                        April 28, 2017

Power and Influence Day                                         May 12, 2017

Leaving a Legacy Day                                               May 26, 2017

Closing Retreat*                                                          June 16, 2017

*Mandatory attendance required

Please note: Program schedule is subject to change.

No more than a total of 1 program day absence allowed which can be split into two half days.


Leadership DeKalb 30th Anniversary Celebrating Past, Present, and Future

Stay tuned for upcoming details….


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Now Accepting Nominations for the Class of 2018

Leadership DeKalb is now accepting nominations for the Class of 2017. Nominees may live, work or care about DeKalb County to be considered. Read More »

  • Our Purpose

    Leadership DeKalb convenes and connects leaders, informs them on matters vital to the county, and enhances their leadership skills. This strengthened pipeline of talent immerses in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, thereby advancing quality of life in DeKalb. With focus on the entire county, we position current and emerging leaders – reflecting the area's rich diversity – to unite, commit, and act to make DeKalb a premier place to live, work and enjoy life. Class members learn about history, diversity, government, justice, arts and culture, education, health and economic development in the county. Classmates and alumni gain access to other leaders in all of these sectors. With over 1,000 alumni, we facilitate long-term leadership sustainability.